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EKS Anywhere curated packages

All information you may need for EKS Anywhere curated packages


Amazon EKS Anywhere Curated Packages are Amazon-curated software packages that extend the core functionalities of Kubernetes on your EKS Anywhere clusters. If you operate EKS Anywhere clusters on-premises, you probably install additional software to ensure the security and reliability of your clusters. However, you may be spending a lot of effort researching for the right software, tracking updates, and testing them for compatibility. Now with the EKS Anywhere Curated Packages, you can rely on Amazon to provide trusted, up-to-date, and compatible software that are supported by Amazon, reducing the need for multiple vendor support agreements.

  • Amazon-built: All container images of the packages are built from source code by Amazon, including the open source (OSS) packages. OSS package images are built from the open source upstream.
  • Amazon-scanned: Amazon scans the container images including the OSS package images daily for security vulnerabilities and provides remediation.
  • Amazon-signed: Amazon signs the package bundle manifest (a Kubernetes manifest) for the list of curated packages. The manifest is signed with AWS Key Management Service (AWS KMS) managed private keys. The curated packages are installed and managed by a package controller on the clusters. Amazon provides validation of signatures through an admission control webhook in the package controller and the public keys distributed in the bundle manifest file.
  • Amazon-tested: Amazon tests the compatibility of all curated packages including the OSS packages with each new version of EKS Anywhere.
  • Amazon-supported: All curated packages including the curated OSS packages are supported under the EKS Anywhere Support Subscription.

The main components of EKS Anywhere Curated Packages are the package controller , the package build artifacts and the command line interface . The package controller will run in a pod in an EKS Anywhere cluster. The package controller will manage the lifecycle of all curated packages.

Curated packages

Please check out curated package list for the complete list of EKS Anywhere curated packages.


Please check out workshop for curated packages.


  1. Can I install software not from the curated package list?

    Yes. You can install any optional software of your choice. Be aware you cannot use EKS Anywhere tooling to install or update your self-managed software. Amazon does not provide testing, security patching, software updates, or customer support for your self-managed software.

  2. Can I install software that’s on the curated package list but not sourced from EKS Anywhere repository?

    If, for example, you deploy a Harbor image that is not built and signed by Amazon, Amazon will not provide testing or customer support to your self-built images.

1 - EKS Anywhere curated package controller


The package controller will install, upgrade, configure and remove packages from the cluster. The package controller will watch the packages and packagebundle custom resources for the packages to run and their configuration values. The package controller only runs on the management cluster and manages packages on the management cluster and on the workload clusters.

Package release information is stored in a package bundle manifest. The package controller will continually monitor and download new package bundles. When a new package bundle is downloaded, it will show up as update available and users can use the CLI to activate the bundle to upgrade the installed packages.

Any changes to a package custom resource will trigger and install, upgrade, configuration or removal of that package. The package controller will use ECR or private registry to get all resources including bundle, helm charts, and container images.


Please check out create local cluster and create production cluster for how to install package controller at the cluster creation time.

Please check out package management for how to install package controller after cluster creation and manage curated packages.

2 - EKS Anywhere curated package build artifacts

There are three types of build artifacts for packages: the container images, the helm charts and the package bundle manifests. The container images, helm charts and bundle manifests for all of the packages will be built and stored in EKS Anywhere ECR repository. Each package may have multiple versions specified in the packages bundle. The bundle will reference the helm chart tag in the ECR repository. The helm chart will reference the container images for the package.

3 - EKS Anywhere curated package CLI


The Curated Packages CLI provides the user experience required to manage curated packages. Through the CLI, a user is able to discover, create, delete, and upgrade curated packages to a cluster. These functionalities can be achieved during and after an EKS Anywhere cluster is created.

The CLI provides both imperative and declarative mechanisms to manage curated packages. These packages will be included as part of a packagebundle that will be provided by the EKS Anywhere team. Whenever a user requests a package creation through the CLI (eksctl anywhere create package), a custom resource is created on the cluster indicating the existence of a new package that needs to be installed. When a user executes a delete operation (eksctl anywhere delete package), the custom resource will be removed from the cluster indicating the need for uninstalling a package. An upgrade through the CLI (eksctl anywhere upgrade packages) upgrades all packages to the latest release.


Please check out Install EKS Anywhere to install the eksctl anywhere CLI on your machine.

Also check out Create local cluster and Create production cluster for how to use the CLI during and after cluster creation.

Check out EKS Anywhere curated package management for how to use the CLI after a cluster is created and manage curated packages.