EKS Anywhere curated package CLI


The Curated Packages CLI provides the user experience required to manage curated packages. Through the CLI, a user is able to discover, create, delete, and upgrade curated packages to a cluster. These functionalities can be achieved during and after an EKS Anywhere cluster is created.

The CLI provides both imperative and declarative mechanisms to manage curated packages. These packages will be included as part of a packagebundle that will be provided by the EKS Anywhere team. Whenever a user requests a package creation through the CLI (eksctl anywhere create package), a custom resource is created on the cluster indicating the existence of a new package that needs to be installed. When a user executes a delete operation (eksctl anywhere delete package), the custom resource will be removed from the cluster indicating the need for uninstalling a package. An upgrade through the CLI (eksctl anywhere upgrade packages) upgrades all packages to the latest release.


Please check out Install EKS Anywhere to install the eksctl anywhere CLI on your machine.

Also check out Create local cluster and Create production cluster for how to use the CLI during and after cluster creation.

Check out EKS Anywhere curated package management for how to use the CLI after a cluster is created and manage curated packages.