GitOpsConfig configuration

Configuration reference for GitOps cluster management.

GitOps Support (Optional)

EKS Anywhere can create clusters that supports GitOps configuration management with Flux. In order to add GitOps support, you need to configure your cluster by updating the configuration file before creating the cluster. Please note that for the GitOps config to work successfully the environment variable EKSA_GITHUB_TOKEN needs to be set with a valid GitHub PAT . This is a generic template with detailed descriptions below for reference:

kind: Cluster
  name: my-cluster-name
  #GitOps Support
    name: my-gitops
    kind: GitOpsConfig
kind: GitOpsConfig
  name: my-gitops
      personal: true
      repository: myClusterGitopsRepo
      owner: myGithubUsername
      fluxSystemNamespace: ""
      clusterConfigPath: ""

GitOps Configuration Spec Details

flux (required)

  • Description: our supported gitops provider is flux. This is the only supported value.
  • Type: object

Flux Configuration Spec Details

github (required)

  • Description: github is the only currently supported git provider. This defines your github configuration to be used by EKS Anywhere and flux.
  • Type: object

github Configuration Spec Details

repository (required)

  • Description: The name of the repository where we will store your cluster configuration, and sync it to the cluster. If the repository exists, we will clone it from the git provider; if it does not exist, we will create it for you.
  • Type: string

owner (required)

  • Description: The owner of the git repository; either a github username or github organization name. The Personal Access Token used must belong to the owner if this is a personal repository, or have permissions over the organization if this is not a personal repository.
  • Type: string

personal (optional)

  • Description: Is the repository a personal or organization repository? If personal, this value is true; otherwise, false. If using an organizational repository (e.g. personal is false) the owner field will be used as the organization when authenticating to
  • Default: true
  • Type: boolean

clusterConfigPath (optional)

  • Description: The path relative to the root of the git repository where EKS Anywhere will store the cluster configuration files.
  • Default: clusters/$MANAGEMENT_CLUSTER_NAME
  • Type: string

fluxSystemNamespace (optional)

  • Description: Namespace in which to install the gitops components in your cluster.
  • Default: flux-system.
  • Type: string

branch (optional)

  • Description: The branch to use when committing the configuration.
  • Default: main
  • Type: string