Cluster management

Common tasks for managing clusters.

Cluster management overview

Overview of tools and interfaces for managing EKS Anywhere clusters

Scale cluster

How to scale your cluster

Upgrade cluster

How to perform a cluster upgrade

Etcd Backup and Restore

How to backup and restore an EKS Anywhere cluster

Verify cluster

How to verify an EKS Anywhere cluster is running properly

Add cluster integrations

How to add integrations to an EKS Anywhere cluster

Reboot nodes

How to properly reboot a node in an EKS Anywhere cluster

Connect cluster to console

Connect a cluster to the EKS console

License cluster

How to license your cluster.

Multus CNI plugin configuration

EKS Anywhere configuration for Multus CNI plugin

Authenticate cluster with AWS IAM Authenticator

Configure AWS IAM Authenticator to authenticate user access to the cluster

Manage cluster with GitOps

Use Flux to manage clusters with GitOps

Manage cluster with Terraform

Use Terraform to manage EKS Anywhere Clusters

Delete cluster

How to delete an EKS Anywhere cluster