Add cluster integrations

How to add integrations to an EKS Anywhere cluster *

EKS Anywhere offers AWS support for certain third-party vendor components, namely Ubuntu TLS, Cilium, and Flux. It also provides flexibility for you to integrate with your choice of tools in other areas. Below is a list of example third-party tools your consideration.

For a full list of partner integration options, please visit Amazon EKS Anywhere Partner page .

Feature Example third-party tools
Ingress controller Emissary-ingress (previously Ambassador)
Service type load balancer KubeVip or MetalLB
Local container repository Harbor
Monitoring Prometheus , Grafana , Datadog , or NewRelic
Logging Splunk or Fluentbit
Secret management Hashi Vault
Policy agent Open Policy Agent
Service mesh Linkerd or Istio
Cost management KubeCost
Etcd backup and restore Velero
Storage Default storage class, any compatible CSI
  • The solutions listed on this page have not been tested by AWS and are not covered by the EKS Anywhere Support Subscription.