Add cluster integrations

How to add integrations to an EKS Anywhere cluster

EKS Anywhere offers AWS support for certain third-party vendor components, namely Ubuntu TLS, Cilium, and Flux. It also provides flexibility for you to integrate with your choice of tools in other areas. Below is a list of example third-party tools your consideration.

For a full list of partner integration options, please visit Amazon EKS Anywhere Partner page .

Feature Example third-party tools
Ingress controller Gloo Edge , Emissary-ingress (previously Ambassador)
Service type load balancer MetalLB
Local container repository Harbor
Monitoring Prometheus , Grafana , Datadog , or NewRelic
Logging Splunk or Fluentbit
Secret management Hashi Vault
Policy agent Open Policy Agent
Service mesh Istio , Gloo Mesh , or Linkerd
Cost management KubeCost
Etcd backup and restore Velero
Storage Default storage class, any compatible CSI