EKS Anywhere curated package management

Common tasks for managing curated packages.

The main goal of EKS Anywhere curated packages is to make it easy to install, configure and maintain operational components in an EKS Anywhere cluster. EKS Anywhere curated packages offers to run secure and tested operational components on EKS Anywhere clusters. Please check out EKS Anywhere curated packages for more details.

Check the existence of package controller

kubectl get pods -n eksa-packages | grep "eks-anywhere-packages"

Skip the following installation steps if the returned result is not empty.

Install package controller

  1. Install the package controller

    eksctl anywhere install packagecontroller --kube-version 1.21
  2. Check the package controller

    kubectl get pods -n eksa-packages

    Example command output

    NAME                                       READY   STATUS     RESTARTS   AGE
    eks-anywhere-packages-57778bc88f-587tq     2/2     Running    0          16h

Curated package list

See packages for the complete curated package list.


Install/upgrade/uninstall Harbor


Install/upgrade/uninstall MetalLB