Package Prerequisites

Prerequisites for using curated packages


Before installing any curated packages for EKS Anywhere, do the following:

  • Check that the cluster Kubernetes version is v1.21 or above. For example, you could run kubectl get cluster -o yaml <cluster-name> | grep -i kubernetesVersion

  • Check that the version of eksctl anywhere is v0.11.0 or above with the eksctl anywhere version command.

  • It is recommended that the package controller is only installed on the management cluster.

  • Check the existence of package controller:

    kubectl get pods -n eksa-packages | grep "eks-anywhere-packages"

    If the returned result is empty, you need to install the package controller.

  • Install the package controller if it is not installed: Install the package controller

    Note This command is temporarily provided to ease integration with curated packages. This command will be deprecated in the future

    eksctl anywhere install packagecontroller -f $CLUSTER_NAME.yaml