Credential Provider Package

Install/upgrade/uninstall Credential Provider Package

If you have not already done so, make sure your cluster meets the package prerequisites. Be sure to refer to the troubleshooting guide in the event of a problem.


By default an instance of this package is installed with the controller to help facilitate authentication for other packages. The following are instructions in case you want to tweak the default values.

  1. Generate the package configuration

    eksctl anywhere generate package credential-provider-package --cluster <cluster-name> > credential-provider-package.yaml
  2. Add the desired configuration to credential-provider-package.yaml Please see complete configuration options for all configuration options and their default values. Example default package using IAM User Credentials installed with the controller

    kind: Package
      name: my-credential-provider-package
      namespace: eksa-packages-<clusterName>
        "": keep
        "": "true"
      packageName: credential-provider-package
      targetNamespace: eksa-packages
      config: |-
          - key: ""
            operator: "Exists"
            effect: "NoSchedule"
          - key: ""
            operator: "Exists"
            effect: "NoSchedule"
          - matchImages:
            profile: "default"
            secretName: aws-secret
            defaultCacheDuration: "5h"
  3. Create the secret. If you are changing the secret, see complete configuration options for the format of the secret.

  4. Create the namespace (if not installing to eksa-packages). If you are overriding targetNamespace, change eksa-packages to the value of targetNamespace.

    kubectl create namespace <namespace-name-here>
  5. Install the credential-provider-package

    eksctl anywhere create packages -f credential-provider-package.yaml
  6. Validate the installation

    eksctl anywhere get packages --cluster <cluster-name>


To update package configuration, update credential-provider-package.yaml file and run the following command:

eksctl anywhere apply package -f credential-provider-package.yaml


Credential-Provider-Package will automatically be upgraded when a new bundle is activated.


To uninstall credential-provider-package, simply delete the package:

eksctl anywhere delete package --cluster <cluster-name> my-credential-provider-package