Autoscaling configuration

EKS Anywhere cluster yaml autoscaling specification reference

EKS Anywhere supports autoscaling worker node groups using the Kubernetes Cluster Autoscaler . The Kubernetes Cluster Autoscaler Curated Package is an image and helm chart installed via the Curated Packages Controller

The helm chart utilizes the Cluster Autoscaler clusterapi mode to scale resources.

Configure an EKS Anywhere worker node group to be picked up by a Cluster Autoscaler deployment by adding autoscalingConfiguration block to the workerNodeGroupConfiguration.

    kind: Cluster
      name: my-cluster-name
        - name: md-0
            minCount: 1
            maxCount: 5
            kind: VSphereMachineConfig
            name: worker-machine-a
        - name: md-1
            minCount: 1
            maxCount: 3
            kind: VSphereMachineConfig
            name: worker-machine-b

Note that if count is specified for the worker node group, it’s value will be ignored during cluster creation as well as cluster upgrade. If only one of minCount or maxCount is specified, then the other will have a default value of 0 and count will have a default value of minCount.

EKS Anywhere automatically applies the following annotations to your MachineDeployment objects for worker node groups with autoscaling enabled. The Cluster Autoscaler component uses these annotations to identify which node groups to autoscale. If a node group is not autoscaling as expected, check for these annotations on the MachineDeployment to troubleshoot. <minCount> <maxCount>