Install/update/upgrade/uninstall Cert-Manager

If you have not already done so, make sure your cluster meets the package prerequisites. Be sure to refer to the troubleshooting guide in the event of a problem.

Install on workload cluster

NOTE: The cert-manager package can only be installed on a workload cluster

  1. Generate the package configuration

    eksctl anywhere generate package cert-manager --cluster <cluster-name> > cert-manager.yaml
  2. Add the desired configuration to cert-manager.yaml

    Please see complete configuration options for all configuration options and their default values.

    Example package file configuring a cert-manager package to run on a workload cluster.

    apiVersion: packages.eks.amazonaws.com/v1alpha1
    kind: Package
      name: my-cert-manager
      namespace: eksa-packages-<cluster-name>
      packageName: cert-manager
      targetNamespace: <namespace-to-install-component>
  3. Install Cert-Manager

    eksctl anywhere create packages -f cert-manager.yaml
  4. Validate the installation

    eksctl anywhere get packages --cluster <cluster-name>

    Example command output

    NAME                          PACKAGE              AGE   STATE       CURRENTVERSION                                               TARGETVERSION                                                         DETAIL
    my-cert-manager               cert-manager         15s   installed   1.9.1-dc0c845b5f71bea6869efccd3ca3f2dd11b5c95f               1.9.1-dc0c845b5f71bea6869efccd3ca3f2dd11b5c95f (latest)


To update package configuration, update cert-manager.yaml file, and run the following command:

eksctl anywhere apply package -f cert-manager.yaml


Cert-Manager will automatically be upgraded when a new bundle is activated.


To uninstall cert-manager, simply delete the package

eksctl anywhere delete package --cluster <cluster-name> cert-manager