anywhere generate tinkerbelltemplateconfig

anywhere generate tinkerbelltemplateconfig

Generate TinkerbellTemplateConfig objects


Generate TinkerbellTemplateConfig objects for your cluster specification.

The TinkerbellTemplateConfig is part of an EKS Anywhere bare metal cluster specification. When no template config is specified on TinkerbellMachineConfig objects, EKS Anywhere generates the template config internally. The template config defines the actions for provisioning a bare metal host such as streaming an OS image to disk. Actions vary based on the OS - see the EKS Anywhere documentation for more details on the individual actions.

The template config include it in your bare metal cluster specification and reference it in the TinkerbellMachineConfig object using the .spec.templateRef field.

anywhere generate tinkerbelltemplateconfig [flags]


      --bundles-override string          A path to a custom bundles manifest
  -f, --filename string                  Path that contains a cluster configuration
  -h, --help                             help for tinkerbelltemplateconfig
      --tinkerbell-bootstrap-ip string   The IP used to expose the Tinkerbell stack from the bootstrap cluster

Options inherited from parent commands

  -v, --verbosity int   Set the log level verbosity