Amazon EKS Anywhere

EKS Anywhere provides a means of managing Kubernetes clusters using the same operational excellence and practices that Amazon Web Services uses for its Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS). Based on EKS Distro, EKS Anywhere adds methods for deploying, using, and managing Kubernetes clusters that run in your own data centers. Its goal is to include full lifecycle management of multiple Kubernetes clusters that are capable of operating completely independently of any AWS services.

The tenets of the EKS Anywhere project are:

  • Simple: Make using a Kubernetes distribution simple and boring (reliable and secure).
  • Opinionated Modularity: Provide opinionated defaults about the best components to include with Kubernetes, but give customers the ability to swap them out
  • Open: Provide open source tooling backed, validated and maintained by Amazon
  • Ubiquitous: Enable customers and partners to integrate a Kubernetes distribution in the most common tooling.
  • Stand Alone: Provided for use anywhere without AWS dependencies
  • Better with AWS: Enable AWS customers to easily adopt additional AWS services


Provides an overview of EKS Anywhere

Getting started

The Getting started section includes information on starting to set up your own EKS Anywhere local or production environment.


The Concepts section will describe the components and overall architecture of EKS Anywhere.


Common actions and set-up you may need for EKS Anywhere


Reference documents for EKS Anywhere configuration


Guidelines for community contribution

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Steps through setting up and using EKS Anywhere