Getting started

The Getting started section includes information on starting to set up your own EKS Anywhere local or production environment.

EKS Anywhere can be deployed as a simple, unsupported local environment or as a production-quality environment that can become a supported on-premises Kubernetes platform. This section lists the different ways to set up and run EKS Anywhere. When you install EKS Anywhere, choose an installation type based on: ease of maintenance, security, control, available resources, and expertise required to operate and manage a cluster.

Install EKS Anywhere

To create an EKS Anywhere cluster you’ll need to download the command line tool that is used to create and manage a cluster. You can install it using the installation guide

Local environment

If you just want to try out EKS Anywhere, there is a single-system method for installing and running EKS Anywhere using Docker. See EKS Anywhere local environment .

Production environment

When evaluating a solution for a production environment consider deploying EKS Anywhere on providers listed on the Create production cluster page.