Managing package bundles

Getting new package bundles

Package bundle resources are created and managed in the management cluster, so first set up the KUBECONFIG environment variable for the management cluster.

export KUBECONFIG=mgmt/mgmt-eks-a-cluster.kubeconfig

The EKS Anywhere package controller periodically checks upstream for the latest package bundle and applies it to your management cluster, except for when in an airgapped environment . In that case, you would have to get the package bundle manually from outside of the airgapped environment and apply it to your management cluster.

To view the available packagebundles in your cluster, run the following:

kubectl get packagebundles -n eksa-packages
eksa-packages   v1-27-125   available

To get a package bundle manually, you can use oras to pull the package bundle (bundle.yaml) from the repository. (See the ORAS CLI official documentation for more details)

oras pull
Downloading 1ba8253d19f9 bundle.yaml
Downloaded  1ba8253d19f9 bundle.yaml
Pulled [registry]

Use kubectl to apply the new package bundle to your cluster to make it available for use.

kubectl apply -f bundle.yaml

The package bundle should now be available for use in the management cluster.

kubectl get packagebundles -n eksa-packages
eksa-packages   v1-27-125   available
eksa-packages   v1-27-126   available

Activating a package bundle

There are multiple packagebundlecontrollers resources in the management cluster which allows for each cluster to activate different package bundle versions. The active package bundle determines the versions of the packages that are installed on that cluster.

To view which package bundle is active for each cluster, use the kubectl command to list the packagebundlecontrollers objects in the management cluster.

kubectl get packagebundlecontrollers -A
eksa-packages   mgmt   v1-27-125     active   
eksa-packages   w01    v1-27-125     active 

Use the EKS Anywhere packages CLI to upgrade the active package bundle of the target cluster. This command can also be used to downgrade to a previous package bundle version.

export CLUSTER_NAME=mgmt
eksctl anywhere upgrade packages --bundle-version v1-27-126 --cluster $CLUSTER_NAME