Compare EKS Anywhere and EKS

Comparing Amazon EKS Anywhere features to Amazon EKS

Amazon EKS Anywhere is a new deployment option for Amazon EKS that enables you to easily create and operate Kubernetes clusters on-premises. EKS Anywhere provides an installable software package for creating and operating Kubernetes clusters on-premises and automation tooling for cluster lifecycle support. To learn more, see EKS Anywhere .

Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS) is a managed Kubernetes service that makes it easy for you to run Kubernetes on the AWS cloud. Amazon EKS is certified Kubernetes conformant, so existing applications that run on upstream Kubernetes are compatible with Amazon EKS. To learn more about Amazon EKS, see Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service .

Comparing Amazon EKS Anywhere to Amazon EKS

Feature Amazon EKS Anywhere Amazon EKS
Control plane
K8s control plane management Managed by customer Managed by AWS
K8s control plane location Customer’s datacenter AWS cloud
Cluster updates Manual CLI updates for control plane. Flux supported rolling updates for data plane Managed in-place updates for control plane and managed rolling updates for data plane.
Compute options CloudStack, VMware vSphere, Bare Metal servers Amazon EC2, AWS Fargate
Supported node operating systems Bottlerocket, Ubuntu, and RHEL Amazon Linux 2, Windows Server, Bottlerocket, Ubuntu
Physical hardware (servers, network equipment, storage, etc.) Managed by customer Managed by AWS
Serverless Not supported Amazon EKS on AWS Fargate
Command line interface (CLI) eksctl (OSS command line tool) eksctl (OSS command line tool)
Console view for Kubernetes objects Optional EKS console connection using EKS Connector (public preview) Native EKS console connection
Infrastructure-as-code Cluster manifest, Kubernetes controllers, 3rd-party solutions AWS CloudFormation, 3rd-party solutions
Logging and monitoring 3rd-party solutions CloudWatch, CloudTrail, 3rd-party solutions
GitOps Flux controller Flux controller
Functions and tooling
Networking and Security Cilium CNI and network policy supported Amazon VPC CNI supported. Calico supported for network policy. Other compatible 3rd-party CNI plugins available.
Load balancer Metallb Elastic Load Balancing including Application Load Balancer (ALB), and Network Load Balancer (NLB)
Service mesh Community or 3rd-party solutions AWS App Mesh, community, or 3rd-party solutions
Community tools and Helm Works with compatible community tooling and helm charts. Works with compatible community tooling and helm charts.
Pricing and support
Control plane pricing Free to download, paid support subscription option Hourly pricing per cluster
AWS Support Additional annual subscription (per cluster) for AWS support Basic support included. Included in paid AWS support plans (developer, business, and enterprise)