Cluster management

Common tasks for managing EKS Anywhere clusters


Overview of EKS Anywhere cluster management

Upgrade cluster

How to upgrade your cluster to new EKS Anywhere and Kubernetes versions

Scale cluster

How to scale your cluster


Managing networking


Managing storage


Securing your clusters

Observability in EKS Anywhere

Monitoring, Logging, and Tracing for EKS Anywhere Clusters.

Backup and restore cluster

How to backup and restore your cluster

etcd backup and restore

How to Backup and Restore etcd


Getting support for your clusters

Manage cluster with GitOps

Use Flux to manage clusters with GitOps

Manage cluster with Terraform

Use Terraform to manage EKS Anywhere Clusters

Reboot nodes

How to properly reboot a node in an EKS Anywhere cluster

Cluster status

What’s in an EKS Anywhere cluster status?

Delete cluster

How to delete an EKS Anywhere cluster

Verify Cluster Images

How to verify cluster images