Warning: The recommended number of control plane nodes is 3 or 5
Warning: No configurations provided for worker node groups, pods will be scheduled on control-plane nodes
Performing setup and validations
Private key saved to gpu-test/eks-a-id_rsa. Use 'ssh -i gpu-test/eks-a-id_rsa <username>@<Node-IP-Address>' to login to your cluster node
✅ Tinkerbell Provider setup is valid
✅ Validate OS is compatible with registry mirror configuration
✅ Validate certificate for registry mirror
✅ Validate authentication for git provider
Creating new bootstrap cluster
Provider specific pre-capi-install-setup on bootstrap cluster
Installing cluster-api providers on bootstrap cluster
Provider specific post-setup
Creating new workload cluster
Installing networking on workload cluster
Creating EKS-A namespace
Installing cluster-api providers on workload cluster
Installing EKS-A secrets on workload cluster
Installing resources on management cluster
Moving cluster management from bootstrap to workload cluster
Installing EKS-A custom components (CRD and controller) on workload cluster
Installing EKS-D components on workload cluster
Creating EKS-A CRDs instances on workload cluster
Installing GitOps Toolkit on workload cluster
GitOps field not specified, bootstrap flux skipped
Writing cluster config file
Deleting bootstrap cluster
🎉 Cluster created!